Sebastian Tape (Glenelg/SA) - Draft Profile

189/78 inside general defender
Style like Sam Gilbert
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 5-10

Selling points are spoiling ability, recovery, pace and agility, competitiveness and 1-1 contesting skills, neat and penetrating left foot ball use, rebound run and carry from defence

Well balanced.

Looks like he has very good versatility to play a number of defensive roles and potentially push to play as a wingman or high half forward as well.

No major queries

I see Tape developing into a very good quality versatile medium-tall defender that can play short or tall and offer good quality rebound on the attack – it’s hard to find much fault in his game for the role he plays, you’d be hard pressed to find a better quality medium-tall defensive prospect.

He could get a decent run at AFL next year at the right club given how impressive he was in his SANFL League debut in a final (listed as his team’s best player) - he’s probably about 10kg away from his ideal AFL playing weight, which will take 3-4 pre-seasons to achieve.

2010 SANFL League (1 game, 1 best)
2010 SANFL Reserves (6 games, 3 bests)
2010 SANFL U18s (5 games, 1 best) 3 goals
2009 SANFL U18s (12 games, 2 bests)
2008 SANFL U17s (10 games, 4 bests)

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