Nathan Batley (West Woodville Torrens/SA) - Draft Profile

182/74 outside rebounding defender -
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 10-25
Style like Jason Gram

Selling points are his pace (likes to break lines and take the game on), clean hands, kicking depth and accuracy

Queries are his endurance and defensive skillset (not that I think it’s a weakness of his game, but I didn’t see this aspect of his game tested enough in the championships as he was given a loose role)

I think Batley has the potential to develop into a good running defender that can break the lines at pace and kick with accuracy and good depth – he has the ability to push into an outside midfield role if he can develop his endurance further.

I don’t expect him to play in season 2010 - he probably needs another 8kg to be his ideal playing weight, which will take 3 good pre-seasons.

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