Jamie Cripps (East Fremantle/WA) - Draft Profile

182/79 outside-in defender/midfielder
Similar style to Jason Gram
Capable sustaining ranking from 5-10 within an AFL list

Selling points are his pace off the mark and over distance (uses to take the game on and break lines), endurance, right foot kicking penetration, commitment to the contest, quick hands, vision to spot up targets out of the corner of his eye.

Kicking reliability and accuracy are OK to decent - appears one-sided.

Takes risks, takes the game on and comes off for him more often than it doesn't.

U18 Championships series was below expectations, but showcased excellent WAFL League form late season including a very good elimination final game.

No major queries.

I envisage him developing into a damaging small rebounding defender that could potential push into the midfield or onto a wing in the future (I think wing is his ideal position long term).

Will play AFL next year – possibly close to a whole season and more than likely more than 10 games - probably only needs to add 3-5kg to be his ideal playing weight for AFL which should take about 2 pre-seasons.

Dual WA U18

2010 WAFL League (6 games) 21D, 5M, 2T, 1.5G, 1.5B
2010 WAFL Colts (1 game) 17D, 4M, 4T, 1G
2009 WAFL League (1 game) 8D, 4M, 2G

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