Patrick McCarthy (Glenelg/SA) - Draft Profile

194/79 key defender
Similar style to Troy Chaplin
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 3-6

Selling points are his outstanding play reading (cuts off a lot of opposition kicks), all-round decision making and poise, balance, on-field leadership (‘general in defence’) efficient disposer of the football, applies good defensive pressure, overhead marking and aerial presence

Athleticism (acceleration, top speed, agility, endurance) seems all-round decent to good without being a particular standout in any regard.

Backs his reading of the play rather than tightly check his opponent.

Light (79kg) ATM but looks to have an athletic frame that will fill out.

No major queries

Should develop into a top line key defender (CHB most likely) and if his off-field persona matches his on-field persona then a strong chance to be a captain of his club at some stage.

I don’t give him a strong chance to play more than a few games next season - needs about 15kg to be his ideal playing weight, which will take about 5 pre-seasons.

2010 AA U18

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