Jared Polec (West Woodville Torrens/SA) - Draft Profile

188/77 outside-in midfielder
Similar style to Stephen Hill
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 2-6

Selling points are clean ‘one touch’ hands, pace and ball carrying ability, outstanding evasiveness, left foot kicking penetration and accuracy, decision making skills in space, defensive pressure (particularly ability to impact defensively with chase down tackles), offensive and defensive hurt factors

Is a daring playmaker that likes to sell dummies and take players on.

Naturally more ‘outside’ style but can win his own ball OK and doesn’t lack hardness (I think he has good scope to improve this area of his game as he improves his strength and build)

Composure in traffic is mixed – sometimes shows plenty but other times is prone to blazing away under that sort of pressure, aerobic capacity is good (was running out games at SANFL in the midfield well).

Seems one-sided – I’m not sure of his ability on his right foot as I’ve rarely seen him use it - but hasn’t had any issues with his lack of use of it, as he is very well balanced and evasive

No major queries

I think he should develop into a top class outside midfielder with game breaking potential

Needs about 8-10kg to be his ideal playing weight which could take about 3-4 pre-seasons

2010 AA U18, 2010 Magarey Medal (6 games, 7 votes – 4th at WWT and =22nd overall)

2010 U18C (5 games) 20D, 4M, 1G

2010 SANFL League (9 games, 3 bests) 7 goals
2010 SANFL Reserves (3 games, 1 best) 1 goal
2010 SANFL U18s (4 games) 5 goals
2009 SANFL League (6 games, 1 best) 6 goals
2009 SANFL Reserves (7 games, 2 bests) 5 goals
2009 SANFL U18s (9 games, 3 bests) 22 goals
2008 SANFL Reserves (1 game)
2008 SANFL U17s (8 games, 3 best) 20 goals

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