Brodie Smith (West Woodville Torrens/SA) - Draft Profile

188/79 inside midfielder/defender
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 2-5
Similar style to Ryan Griffen

Selling points pace off the mark and over distance (bursts away from traffic and achieves separation), inside ball winning and clearance skills, traffic management (ability to create space in congestion), very good offensive hurt factor tackle breaking ability, versatility to play in defence or midfield, kicking depth (can kick 60m)

Doesn’t win much ball in space tends to get a large proportion of his possessions when he is at the contest, kicking trajectory can be somewhat high (I think it should flatten out as he improves leg size and strength further), but I have no concerns over accuracy or reliability - technique is a bit unconventional (step across rather than straight approach) – seems to be comfortable at using his left when required, defensive pressure seems OK

No major queries

I am quite confident he has the potential to be a top class inside-out midfielder in time.

Not quite physically ready (needs about 10-12kg to be his ideal playing weight – which could take upto 4 pre-seasons) , but will get games almost straight off the bat because of the experience his accumulated and ability to perform at state league level - I suspect he will show flashes early that are impressive but could somewhat inconsistent early until he builds up his body and engine.

AIS, Dual SA U18, 2010 AA U18, 2010 SA U18 MVP

2010 SANFL League (8 games, 2 best) 4 goals
2010 SANFL Reserves (4 games)
2009 SANFL League (5 games)
2009 SANFL Reserves (5 games, 2 bests)
2009 SANFL U18s (7 games, 5 bests)
2008 SANFL Reserves (1 game)
2008 SANFL U17s (13 games, 8 bests)

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