Viv Michie (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

185/77 outside midfielder/flanker
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 10-25

Selling points are his kicking accuracy (depth is OK only) and reliability and decision making with the ball

He can win his own ball well enough and capable of winning a good amount of clearances when starting in the centre.

Pace seems OK to decent – isn’t a line-breaker, but not slow either - balance and agility are both quite good.

Queries are his lack of intensity/concentration lapse, handling consistency and work-rate (particularly defensively)

Laconic laid back playing style

Michie has the potential to be a handy outside role player, but needs to in particular improve his work-rate to a much higher level.

Unlikely he will play much next year - he probably needs another 8kg or so to be his optimal playing weight which could take about 3 pre-seasons.

2010 TAC Cup Stats (14 games, 8 bests) 19.6D, 5M, 1.8T, 0.9G, 0.6B
2009 TAC Cup Stats (8 games, 4 bests) 16D, 4.9M, 1.5T, 0.5G, 0.3B

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