Josh Caddy (Northern Knights/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

186/81 inside midfielder
Similar style to Jason Johnson?
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 2-6

Selling points are inside ball winning skills (esp. 1st possessions and hard ball gets), core strength, attack on the ball and contest, intensity/attack on the ball/competitiveness/work-ethic/hard running, defensive pressure, ability to play forward effectively

More brutally effective than classy, hits the ball at pace and is capable of a decent burst off the mark, plays a predominantly inside style, uses the ball effectively by hand, capable of taking a good grab, decent by foot (depth and accuracy) considering a large proportion of his possessions are under contested pressure (comfortable using both sides of the body too), hands generally clean, looks to be a big stage player (BOG vs WA U18s in the televised game at Skilled Stadium)

No major queries

Will be a a very good inside midfielder that has the capacity to swing forward and be a goal kicking option – potential top 15 clearance winner.

Needs to add about 5-8kg to be his ideal playing weight for AFL, which will likely take about 2-3 years - I expect him to at least get some games next year with the potential to play most of the season – he has the versatility to play as a medium forward which should also help his cause.

2010 AA U18, 2010 TAC Cup TOTY, 10th Morrish Medal (11 votes from 13 games)

2010 U18C ( 3 games) 23.7D, 3.3M, 1G

2009 TAC Cup (13 games, 9 bests) 21D, 4M, 5T, 2G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (9 games, 3 bests) 14D, 4M, 4T, 2G,1B
2008 TAC Cup (2 games, 1 best) 12D, 4M, 2T

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