Tom Liberatore (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

182/77 inside midfielder Potential 8-9/10
Similar style to Simon Black
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 3-6 within an AFL list

Selling points are his inside contested ball winning skills, lightning quick hands and reflexes, vision/DM skills in and out of traffic to spot up the best target, ability to get hands free, neat ball user by left foot

Clean hands, applies good defensive pressure and has the ability to be effective in space (outside the contest) with his ball use kicking but naturally ‘very inside’

Queries over pace, one-sidedness by foot and versatility

Should develop into a very good top-line specialist inside midfielder (potential top 10-20 clearance winner in the AFL).

Needs to add about 5-8kg to be his ideal playing weight for AFL, which will likely take about 2-3 years - I expect him to at least get some games next year for Western Bulldogs, with potential to play a good chunk of the season if form permits.

2010 AA U18, 2010 TAC Cup TOTY

2010 TAC Cup (10 games, 6 bests) 24D, 3M, 4T
2009 TAC Cup (13 games, 8 bests) 24D, 3M, 6T
2008 TAC Cup (3 games, 1 best) 24D, 4M, 5T

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