Andrew Gaff (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

181/78 outside-in midfielder
Similar style to Luke Power
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 3-8 within an AFL list

Selling points are his reading of the play/possession accumulation/ability to find space, neat ball use over short to medium range by left foot and hand, composure, work-rate/endurance, consistency

Tested elite for pace, but on the field it isn’t clearly apparent – he is nippy and I have noted several times he produces some good bursts off the mark to get to the ball, but doesn’t carry the ball or regularly breakaway from players with the ball – perhaps there is scope to develop this aspect of his game, although I don’t think his top speed (short strider) is standout enough to ever be a pacy ball carrier

He is quite agile, can slip into space effectively and effectively sidesteps players

Hands are OK, but not quite routinely clean as you’d expect for a highly rated small midfielder

His style is naturally outside, but he can win his own ball well enough

Queries are his one-sidedness and ‘short game’

Should develop into a good to very good hard running outside link player – perhaps doesn’t have genuine star ability, but there isn’t much doubt he should be an at least good to very good long term AFL player.

Ready to play from round 1 next year and likely to start off well and play most of the season at the right club – perhaps an early rising star nomination? Only about 3-5kg away from his ideal playing weight, which will probably take 2 pre-seasons to achieve.

2010 AA U18, AIS

2010 TAC Cup (7 games, 7 bests) 30D, 7M, 2T, 1G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (6 games, 4 bests) 26D, 5M, 2T, 1G, 1B
2008 TAC Cup (1 game) 4D, 2T, 1G, 1B

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