John Ceglar (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) –Draft Profile

200/86 ruckman
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 15-30

Selling points are his work ethic and tap work.

Athleticism is decent without being a standout.

Skills/decision making and mobility are about average for a ruck.

Can take a good grab overhead and provides a marking target around the ground.

Over-age player in the 2010 U18 Championships and TAC Cup

Query over versatility to play as a marking forward (I’m not convinced he is first ruck quality yet).

Overall I think he has the ability to be a solid 1st ruckman that at worst will be a handy back-up option to have in the reserves.

Needs to add another 15kg to reach his ideal playing weight, which could take 5 pre-seasons

2010 TAC Cup (12 games, 5 bests) 12D, 4M, 1T, 15HO, 1G
2009 TAC Cup (13 games, 1 best) 9D, 3M, 1T, 15HO

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