Isaac Smith (North Ballarat Roosters) - Draft Profile

187/75 outside midfielder
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 8-25 within an AFL list
Style like Clinton Young

Selling points are his pace and ball carrying ability, offensive hurt factor and kicking depth

Tested very well for endurance, but doesn’t show on the field – perhaps because he is lacking in game sense/reading of the play?

Skill execution and decision making are both decent to good

Fitness base has further scope for improvement given he has never had a pre-season at VFL before (debuted mid year?)

Queries are he plays too reactive/doesn’t win enough of his own ball

Smith has the potential to be a good ball carrying wingman at AFL level that may be able to play off the flanks.

He isn’t a mature age recruit you’d expect to be at his best straight away like perhaps Liam Anthony, Greg Broughton and Michael Barlow, but given a couple of pre-seasons to improve his fitness base and body size he should be performing near his peak.

I would think he’s worth a draft selection in the late second round or beyond.

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