Cameron Guthrie (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

186/79 inside-out defender/midfielder
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 8-15 within an AFL list
Similar style to Scott Selwood

Selling points are strong overhead marking, competitiveness, work-ethic and team play, clean hands, good ball user by hand and foot and reliably makes good decisions with the ball

Reading of the play is generally decent to good, but occasionally gets caught out by letting a smart opponent get goal side (Lamb and Polec caught him out a few times in the U18 Championships).

Pace and endurance both seem decent to good.

Also tested very well for vertical leap (top 10 for both standing and running leaps)

Very versatile player – can play a defensive role on a forward or midfielder and/or provide offensively both in and out of contests.

No major queries

I foresee Guthrie developing into a hardnosed medium defender or defensive midfielder that is effective at shutting down an opponent, whilst being able to run off and link plays.

Needs about 7kg to be optimal weight at AFL which will take roughly 3 pre-seasons.

2010 TAC Cup (15 games, 12 bests) 20D, 3M, 4T, 1G
2009 TAC Cup (17 games, 5 bests) 15D, 3M, 4T
2008 TAC Cup (3 games, 1 best) 9D, 2M, 3T

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