Aaron Young (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

188/76 ’outside’ utility
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 12-25

Selling points are athleticism (particularly leap), slipperiness, decision making and vision, ethic, clean hands

Decent overhead marking and has good aerial presence for a medium sized player

Looks to have decent pace off mark and over distance.

Balance and attack on the football for a slim build is good (is prepared to take a hit) -

Queries are his lack of body size


Young should develop into a handy maybe good athletic utility (particularly with the new substitution rule coming in versatile players will be valued more highly) that I think is probably best suited for a role as a half forward who can possibly be used in the midfield rotation as an outside midfielder (wing) and perhaps off half back.

Unlikely he will get many if any AFL games next year - needs about 10kg to be his ideal weight for AFL which could take 3-4 pre-seasons

2010 TAC Cup (7 games, 5 bests) 19D, 5M, 1T, 1G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (12 games, 3 bests) 16D, 3M, 2T, 1G
2008 TAC Cup (4 games) 9D, 2M, 2T

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