Zak Fitzgerald (West Woodville Torrens/SA) - Draft Profile

192/85 outside lead up half forward
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 12-30 within an AFL list

Presents well across half forward region and has good kicking depth and accuracy and makes sound decisions.

Reads the play quite well and endurance seems OK.

Hands can be a bit inconsistent (sometimes strong one grab, sometimes drops marks he should gobble up)

Reports suggest he can play off half back, but haven’t seen him do so myself.

Over-aged (played in last year’s U18 championships?)

Main query is over his lack of acceleration

Fitzgerald could be a handy lead-up half forward/utility if he can improve his acceleration.

He probably needs about 6kg to be his optimal weight at AFL, which is likely to take at least 2 pre-seasons.

Could potentially get a few games next year.

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