Dyson Heppell (Gippsland Power/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

187/79 outside-in utility
Capable sustaining a ranking 1-5

Selling points are left foot kicking reliability and precision (quite good depth too), decision making with the ball, reading of the play, all-round ball winning skills both inside and out, evasive skills, overhead marking and defensive spoiling, work-rate, consistency.

Pace off the mark and top speed seems decent – not an explosive line-breaker, but can carry the ball over with confidence as he often hits the ball on the run.

No major queries

I am very confident he will be at least a very good quite possibly an elite player that can potential play a number of roles rebounding defender, inside or outside midfield, high half forward etc.

If fit, he will likely play from the first game next year given his skills, versatility and fitness. That said, I think he probably needs about 8kg (3 pre-seasons) to reach his ideal playing weight.

Dual VC U18, 2010 AA U18, 2010 Vic Country MVP, 2010 TAC Cup TOTY, 2010 Morrish Medal (1st)

2010 TAC Cup (14 games, 11 bests) – 28D, 6M, 4T, 1G
2009 TAC Cup (19 games, 8 bests) – 19D, 4M, 2T
2008 TAC Cup (2 games) – 4D, 2T

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