Ryan Lester (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

190/83 inside defender
Capable of sustaining a ranking from 15-35

Has reasonable smarts and play reading ability.

Is competitive.

Can take a strong grab and is very capable overhead with both marking and spoiling.

Skills and decision making seem about average.

Looks and moves like an AFL player – has quite good pace, is agile and well balanced.

Plays as a medium utility – I think medium defensive role would suit him best.

Tested well for endurance – seems apparent on the field without being standout obvious.

Could at best be a solid medium defender that has some utility - not sold on him enough to spend a ND selection on him, but has enough potential to work with for a rookie selection

Needs another 7kg to be his ideal playing weight, which would take 2-3 pre-seasons.

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