Jed Lamb (Gippsland Power/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

180/86 inside forward/utility
Similar style to Kyle Reimers
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 8-15 within an AFL list

Selling points are his clean hands at ground level, pace (particularly over distance), kicking depth and power, strong tackler, ability to get front and centre position

Even though he topped the kicking test at draft combine (which I don’t consider to be close to a reliable measure for a player’s kicking ability), I wouldn’t consider him an anything more than a decent ball user by foot in terms of reliability.

Queries over composure and decision making under pressure (tends to be rushed and blazes away at times)

I think he’ll be a good player that could potentially contribute 30-45 goals as a third marking target and maybe push up the ground for periods (his disposal and decision making doesn’t seem to have a great polish which could be an issue in that regard).

Will be ready to impact in his first season from the get go and could play a good chunk of the season at the right club - seems reasonable close to his ideal playing weight

2010 TAC Cup TOTY, 2010 Morrish Medal – 9th (10 votes)

2010 TAC Cup (13 games, 5 bests) 16D, 5M, 3T, 3G, 2B
2009 TAC Cup (19 games, 3 bests) 11D, 4M, 3T 2G, 1B

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