Billy Smedts (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

187/77 Inside utility
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 5-10

Selling points are reading of the play, creative decision making, composure, powerful and neat dual sided disposal, overhead marking, leap and versatility

Pace and agility both seem decent but I don’t think he’s as explosive or evasive draft camp times suggest

Smedts has the potential to be a good to very good medium utility player - he can play almost any non-key position role and could pinch hit in a number of key positions too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays a good amount of AFL games next year due to his smarts and versatility, although probably needs another 8-10kg to be at his ideal AFL playing weight which will take 3 good pre-seasons.

2010 TAC Cup (9 games, 4 bests) 15D, 4M, 4T, 2G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (8 games, 4 bests) 15D, 4M, 3T, 0.5G

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