Jayden Pitt (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

187/70 outside midfielder/half forward
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 15-30

Selling points are his general smarts/play reading, lateral movement and ability to create time for himself, kick weighting over medium and short distances (neat ball user), overhead marking

Pace seems ordinary at best which isn’t ideal for a very skinny outside type.

Generally provides decent to good defensive pressure

Queries over contested ball winning ability and light build (plays very outside)

2010 AA U18

Although I haven’t seen him play there, I think his best position at AFL might be in a half back role – he is a very neat ball user and strong overhead, but probably lacks the zip and goal sense for a forward player or the ball carrying ability for an outside midfield role.

He needs to gain around 15kg which will take over 5 pre-seasons – it’s possible he may always be too skinny for AFL.

2010 TAC Cup (10 games, 2 bests) 17D, 4M, 2T, 1G
2009 TAC Cup (1 game) 5D, 1M

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