Luke Mitchell (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

196/96 inside key forward
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 4-10 within an AFL team

Selling points are his overhead marking strength and reliability, general smarts (reading of the flight and positioning, lead timing), clean hands and good mobility at ground level, goal kicking conversion, core-strength and balance

Pace seems average at best for a KPP and doesn’t achieve any separation on the lead

He has a good athletic and wide shouldered frame and is already strong built for his size.

Queries over his durability (injured for a large portion of 2010 and missed out on the 2010 U18 Championships)

Mitchell has the potential to be a good to very good key forward that will primarily play as a target inside 50 but could switch up and play as a lead up CHF effectively too.

Physically he is ready to play AFL next season at the right club and probably will continue to add more too his frame over the next 3-4 pre-seasons and fill out into an imposing build.

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