Taite Silverlock (West Adelaide/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 178cm

Weight: 84kg

Preferred foot: Left

Position: FP/HFF

Potential: 6-7.5/10

Style: Paul Medhurst


> Very football smart – anticipation and reading of the play (especially around stoppages and of hands) both very good– has a strong goal sense (4th in the U18 championships for goals) and some spark

> Good leap – likes to go 3rd man up on occasions at ruck contests

> Good evasive ability

> Strong through the hips and core

> Strong overhead grab for his size – capable of outmarking bigger opponents (i.e. outmarked Luff in a 1-1 vs WA)

> Applies good defensive chasing pressure and often with good rewards – is a strong tackler toos

> Sound user by hand that is capable of very good vision to open up the play

> Good right foot kick that is capable of good depth doesn’t seem to use his right foot often – good finisher in front of goals

> Clean hands


> Sub 180cm and has an endomorphic body shape – may struggle to keep of the kg’s? Skinfolds were high at SA SS

> Below average pace off the mark (3.09s over 20m) – but has a good burst of pace and a habit of hitting the ball running which reduces the query and makes him look quicker – can get away from flat footed opponents because of this


>Reach advantage for his height

> Running capacity surprised – testing was very good with a low 14s beep result - it doesn’t seem to show up in games, which may suggest the result is misleading or he doesn’t push himself enough i.e. work-rate is low (latter seems more likely) – he does seem to have midfield potential - the query would mainly be his work-rate to do so

> Has senior experience at SANFL League level – 3 senior games in 2008 and 2009 each


2009 U18 Championships Stats


Silverlock is a decent small forward prospect. Clubs would probably be looking for someone quicker to fill such a role at AFL, but Porplyzia has shown there is room if you’re smart enough. I’d expect him to at least be a good performer at stage league level, at best he could be a very handy 30-40 goal per year small forward. He shapes as a late or rookie draft prospect.

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