Gerrick Weedon (Claremont/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 183cm

Weight: 79kg

Position: Medium Utility

Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Excellent ball control and handling at ground level – very clean and deft

> Good versatility – genuine utility that can play on any line – midfield looks his best position, but his running capacity is far too low at present to think about it at higher levels – FP/HFF/HBF are more likely options

> Good leap and lateral movement

> Very good handballer – deft and quick, but also capable of good power

> Strong aerially for his height –has a slight reach advantage

> Good general football smarts on most lines andis a composed, creative and efficient DM with the ball – particularly good awareness and use of vision in traffic

> Strong and effective tackler


> Lack of exposed form at the higher levels, creates some doubt – he played 1 U18 championships game as a general forward, did some good things and was solid overall, but would’ve liked to see him tested more at higher levels

> Needs to improve consistency within a game

> Poor running capacity – has the smarts and ability to play midfield, but not for sustained periods (even at colts) – low 12 beep at DC


> Sound disposal by foot with OK depth - kicking has a tendency to be somewhat high trajectory and

slow through the air though?

> Smooth mover with decent pace off the mark and over distance

> Decent consistency game to game at WAFL colts

> Capable of offering decent defensive pressure and is a strong tackler – but needs to do so much more consistently

> Laconic style of play with a hint of flair

> Part of the Clontarf academy

> Has filled out nicely since 2008 – not a big build and still needs some refining, but should develop into a decent build for his roles


2009 WAFL Colts Stats


Weedon is a decent medium utility prospect. At worst he should be a fringe/depth player, at best he be a very serviceable member of a team in most likely a medium forward role. I think he’s worth a pick in the 3rd round and beyond.

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