Josh Donaldson (West Perth/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 195cm

Weight: 87kg

Preferred foot: Right foot

Position: Athletic KPD/ 3rd tall forward

Style like: Ryan Hargrave?


> Very good vertical leap

> Quick recovery ability and good agility/mobility at ground level

> Good vision and decision making (particularly with his hands)

> Very good team and work ethic – pressures well and looks to bring others into the play with the ball

> Reads the play and flight well to take relieving marks when dropping back into defence as a ruck


> Low possession winning rate – averages 12 possessions per game at WAFL colts level

> Footskills - whilst generally reasonable for his size - have a tendency to be a bit shaky/unreliable at

times – unsure how he goes on his non preferred

> Needs to improve his fitness base to a higher level given he’ll be playing on more athletic key position types with very good running capacities


> Reliable pair of hands above his head

> Reach advantage for his height

> Decent-good pace off the mark for his size

> Somewhat slimly built and weak at present, but should develop into a good athletic key position build

> Has played most his junior career as an undersized ruck – can compete effectively at U18 level, but will be too small to do so at AFL – a spot in defence probably suits him best given his attributes whilst also being able to switch up as a 3rd tall forward (which he did very well against SA).

> 2009 WA U18 team – played all 5 games

> 2009 WAFL Colts TOTY I/C


2009 WAFL Colts Stats


Donaldson is one of those difficult to judge cases of a player who’s been playing a role he isn’t going to play at AFL level. He has spent most his draft year playing as an undersized ruck, but will be too small for such a role at AFL. I believe he has the right collection of attributes to develop into an athletic tall defender (3rd tall most likely) if he improves the reliability and would be a very worthwhile project in the 3rd round and beyond for a team looking for such a player.

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