Sam Reid (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 194cm

Weight: 87kg

Position: CHB/FB

Potential: 5.5-7.5/10

Style: Will Schofield?


> Excellent all-round athlete – very good-excellent speed, leap and engine for a tall defender

> Good effective spoiler with long arms, good closing speed and very good leap, which he can use effectively

> Quick recovery at ground level

> Very good all-round athletic package –good pace off the mark, good leap and very good running capacity – we don’t see much of it though, because he is very defensively minded

> Good accountability to his direct opponent


> Lacks strength/balance and some intensity – when he can’t leap, he seems to get worked off the ball too easily in body on body contests

> Offers slim to nil rebound or offensive ability – hard to assess his skills properly (they seem OK) given he doesn’t seem to put himself in a position to use them often enough


> Testing shows he has a very good running capacity however, whilst he seems to read the play OK as a defender, he doesn’t seem to run to the right spots or get much of the ball as a rebounding player – possibly due to a combination of lack of smarts/confidence/work-rate

> Brother of Ben Reid (Collingwood)


2009 TAC Cup Stats


Reid is a solid potential athletic tall negating defender, however he offers little offensively and despite being decently built is beaten for strength a bit too often IMO. I considered him for my top 40 as he has some good project player qualities, but it’s difficult to judge him as an overall prospect given his limited involvement in games and not really standing out at the championships. At worst he will probably be a VFL level player, at best he could be a sound negating athletic defender (CHB or FB). He’s worth a pick in or beyond the 3rd round IMO.

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