Ayden Kennedy (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) – Draft Profile

Height: 192cm

Weight: 81kg

Position: Utility

Potential: 5.5-7.5/10

Style: Brent Staker?


> Very good-excellent athleticism – pace off the mark (quickest over 20m at DC) with good linebreaking ability (however doesn’t seem as quick as his testing time may suggest) and big vertical leap the main standouts

> Neat footskills and capable of good depth

> Has good vision, composure and makes good decisions by hand and foot

> Clean hands at ground lvel

> Strong tackler with good chasing ethic and capable of having good impact with his run down abilty

> Strong OH ability and clean hands

> Versatility to play at either end in a 3rd tall capacity or lead-up/rebounding capacity or possibly as a wingman


> Lack of footy smarts - not a big ball winner and doesn’t seem to read the play well– low possession rate at TAC Cup level (14.1dpg) and limited involvement in his championships games (though was mainly playing as a general forward I50) – has a reactive style

> Not much exposed form at higher levels – played a few U18 championships games with limited opportunity and impact

> Can lack awareness with the footy – prone to getting run down from behind


> Good DM in space with good vision by both hand and foot, but often too slow with the ball (lacks sharp reflexes) and doesn’t have great awareness when in possession (prone to getting run down)

> Lean athletic build with a good frame to add muscle to

> 1st year in the TAC Cup system and played 3 U18 Championships games


2009 TAC Cup Stats


Kennedy is a decent utility prospect. Whilst he is being drafted mostly on the back of his athletic qualities, he seems to have good grasp of the game is some aspects. At worst he’ll probably be a fringe player, at best he could be a very handy tall, athletic utility player that can be used on almost any line. It seems his draft range is quite widespread – could go anywhere from late 2nd round to the rookie draft.


  1. I know you live in WA so how do you get your infromation? Some of the comments you have written here are not quite accurate.

  2. Interested to hear what areas you perceive are 'off the mark'.

    I will admit to not knowing a great deal about Kennedy - I have seen him 3 U18 Championships games (1 live, all 3 on tape), where he wasn't prominent in any and in addition have only seen TAC Cup footage of his games on the Eastern Ranges MatchVision website, which only shows cuts of all of the player's direct involvements during a game.

    For other interstate players I am mainly going of their U18 championships games on DVD over the past 1 or in some cases 2 years (I have seen all of the games this year) - I also saw the AIS and U18 championships games played in WA live both this and last year, as well as the final day of the U18 championships live at Docklands this year - for a few I have also seen additional TAC Cup and SANFL games on DVD.