Andrew Hooper (North Ballarat Rebels/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 172cm

Weight: 80kg

Position: Utility (HBF/BP/Midfield/FP)

Potential: 6.5-7.5/10

Style Like: shorter Brent Guerra?


> Very smart and adaptable footballer – very good all-round ball winning ability, reads the play very well particularly as a defender, but is very capable as an inside midfielder or forward too - despite having a below par running capacity he seems to have no trouble finding the football because he consistently gets to the right areas of the ground (20.2Dpg at U18s, 20.5Dpg at TAC)

> Very strongly built and uses his strength very effectively in 1-1 contests

> Has a strong pair of hands and can take a good grab

> Accurate and penetrating RF kick that weights his passes well and capable of using his left if needed

> Confident and good DM ability with the football in his hands

> Clean hands at ground level

> Good pace off the mark and has decent-good breakaway and run and carry capabilities

> Very good intensity, attack and desperation for the football

> Highly consistent performer


> Height at 172cm is close to ‘show stopping’ – particularly when playing defence with lots of airborne balls coming through is likely to be an issue – he will give up around 8-15cm on the averaged small to medium forward

> Below par running capacity – doesn’t have the ability to play midfielder for long periods


> Below par leap

> Played in 2 championships series – was very good in 2008 and was outstanding in 2009 winning the (joint) Larke Medal – 20.2Dpg, 5.6Mpg and 1.0Gpg


2007, 2008 and 2009 TAC Cup Stats

2009 U18 Championships Stats


You have to admire that Hooper has done almost everything possible to get himself drafted despite his physical limitations. At worst he will provide strong pressure from the VFL as a fringe player, at best he could be a very solid small utility option for his team. He is worth a pick in the 3rd round and beyond.

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