Josh Toy (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 185cm

Weight: 82kg

Position: HBF/Utility

Potential: 8-9/10

Style-like: Luke Hodge


> Powerful athlete – very quick both off the mark and over distance with good evasive ability – has multiple gears, doesn’t always go flat tack - very mature body and high levels of strength

> Monster RF kick with decent-good control – some of his kicks will travel beyond 60m on the run and often sit perfectly for the guy at the back of the pack – occasionally overweights shorter-medium passes and can be a bit casual on some of his kicks

> Good user by hand that can get very good power with his long handballs

> Very composed and consistently makes good decisions with the football by hand and foot

> Clean hands

> Very good levels of intensity, competitiveness desperation and attack on the football – hits the ball and contests with pace and intent – strong tackler - a trademark of his are his ‘come from nowhere’ spoils with terrific closing speed

> Strong ball winning skills

> Versatility and adaptability to play almost any non-key position and even pinch hit in key positions

> HUGE hurt factor – the most damaging player – can gain 80-100m with his run and long kicking ability and can kick goals off half back


No major concerns


> 2008 Kevin Sheehan medallist (U16 B&F)

> 2009 AIS Ben Mitchell medallist

> 2009 AA U18 HBF

> He is a massive weapon as a defender, but not as accomplished as a midfielder as yet

> Would definitely be ready for AFL action in 2010 if allowed.


2009 U18 Championships

2008, 2009 TAC Cup Stats


Toy is a dynamic, game breaking half back/midfield prospect with the ability to be an elite AFL player at best and should at least be a very good player. He has produced at a very high level for the last 2 years and would’ve been a undoubted top 3 selection in this draft IMO – quite possibly even top 2.

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  1. Absolute gun! Would have gone top 3 if he went to the draft as you said!