Hayden Jolly (Glenelg/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 182cm

Weight: 82kg

Position: Midfield

Potential: 7.5-8/10

Style-like: Tyson Edwards?


> Good vision/DM/timing and clean ball user by hand that can open up the play from congestion

> Good lateral mover and well balanced – well built and strong for a BA

> Reads the play very well around the ground and inside contests and stoppages –consistently gets to the right spots - prolific ball winner that can play in and out – averaged 23.9dpg which put him in the top 5 for disposals per game at the championships

> Clean hands

> Consistency within games and game to game

> Good attack on the footy and a strong clearance and contested ball winner

> Very good work-rate and running capacity

> Good leap


No major concerns as yet


> OK pace

> Sound footskills –accuracy/weighting generally decent – right footed, left foot is reasonable - technically may need refining and probably needs more depth – sometimes drops the ball with 2 hands? - kicks tend to go slowly through the air

> Champion junior volleyballer


2009 U18 Championships


Jolly is a smart medium midfielder with a neat skillset that should prove to be a consistently very solid performer at AFL. Would’ve been at least worth a late first round pick in this draft IMO.

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