Brandon Matera (South Fremantle/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 174cm

Weight: 61kg

Position: FP/HFF/Midfield/Wing

Potential: 7.5-8.5/10

Style-like: Alan Didak


> Excellent ‘all-round’ football smarts as a small forward or midfielder –superb reader of the play that shows genuine flair and class – has an outstanding goal sense (leading goal kicker in the championships – 3.2gpg) and can kick freakish goals from any angle I50 – extremely effective at ground level, but can lead up and present well like his uncle Phil too

> Good-very good pace off the mark, very slippery/elusive and has a good leap

> Very good-excellent ball user by left foot – accuracy/weighting and reliability all very good and gets good depth

> Extremely clean hands and control of the ball – often freakishly good

> Good ball winner – will put his head over the footy – can win the ball at stoppages - 14.2dpg at the championships mostly playing as a general forward

> Makes very good decisions with the footy, has good vision and is can be very creative/innovative – whilst he does have a tendency to be a bit selfish on occasions, he showed during the championships has the ability to bring others into the game very effectively

> Very good all-round consistency for his roles and style of play


> Sub 180cm and slimily built


> Needs to provide more defensive pressure more consistently, but is a very strong tackler for his size and can have good impact with his defensive pressure in winning possession (excellent closing speed) – improvement noted during the championships series

> Decent running capacity – certainly not someone who should be pigeon holed as a small forward only

> Has experience at WAFL League level from late 2009 – 2 games averaging 13D 2M 1G 2B

> Played all 5 games for WA U18 in 2009 – was the leading goal kicker at the championships with 3.2gpg over 5 games and named AA U18 FP


2009 WAFL Colts, Reserves and League Stats

2009 U18 Championships


Matera is a freakishly creative small forward/forward flank/midfield prospect. Another underaged player that has had a high level of production in the past 2 years. At best he has the ability to become a player similar in both style and quality to Alan Didak. Even though he is quite small I still he would’ve been worth a mid to late first round pick in this year’s draft.

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