Troy Taylor (NT) - Draft Profile

Height: 189cm

Weight: 77kg

Position: FP

Potential: 5-8/10

Style-like: Michael O’Loughlin


> Excellent-freakish hands, ball handling and control at ground level and aerially

> Very smart forward player that has very good sense of what’s happening, positioning and nous I50

> Good vision and decision making ability with the ball

> Good pace, evasive ability and leap – don’t think DC results did his ability in each justice (some were very poor)

> Good user over the short range by foot – weights his passes very well

> High level of hurt factor


> Poor running capacity/work-rate and hence limited in terms of AFL positions ATM – only 3rd tall I50 suits him ATM - possibly HFF/wing may open up if he increases his work-rate - whilst his impact is high when he gets the ball his involvement in games is low – he doesn’t get much of the ball both because of his role and presently low work-rate

> Doesn’t seem to offer much defensively


> Extreme reach advantage for his height – arm length similar to very tall KPP/ruckman

> Skinny at present but should fill out into an OK build for his roles

> Has had run ins with law as a juvenile (robbery and assaults) including jail time – reports suggest he has turned the corner.


Taylor has some freakish abilities and upside to be a high quality and freakish 3rd tall forward, however there are areas of his game that will need to be addressed through hard work. At worst he may not fire a shot if he gets back into bad company, at best I think he could be a top 100 AFL player and a very tough match up as a 40+ goal per year medium forward. Worth a 2nd to 3rd round selection.

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