Ben Griffiths (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)– Draft Profile

Height: 199cm

Weight: 98kg

Preferred foot: Right

Position: CHF/FF

Potential: 7.5-8/10

Style-like: Justin Koschitzke

Video Footage


> Big height/weight advantage as a key forward

> Good athleticism for a KPP – good pace off the mark and over distance, decent-good lateral movement and good-very good leap

> Good OH marking ability – gets front position very effectively, clean hands/one grabber – doesn’t seem much of a pack marker - his style is more as a leading forward that is capable of taking a good contested grab 1-1 rather than a pack marking forward that can lead up ala Butcher

> Presents well on the lead and finds and gets into space very effectively i50

> Thumping RF kick with decent-good control – outstanding depth (capable of kicking beyond 60m), decent-good field kick that is reliable and weights and directs his passes well to targets (although if he is within 60m he will most likely have a shot on goal) - decent accuracy from set shots, but good approach

> Good ball use by hand – quick, clean and appropriate power on a consistent basis

> Has very good poise and vision (inc in traffic – especially?) - consistently makes good decision with the ball by both hand and foot

> Very good mobility and very clean, reliable hands at ground level for a KPP


> Low work-rate but hard to assess fairly given he isn’t near optimal condition - doesn’t seem to offer defensive pressure on a consistent basis (but is capable of doing so and is a strong tackler with very good run down tackle ability for a tall)

> Very injury prone - struggled with injury in both 2008 and 2009 (it sounds like ‘you name it, he’s done it’ with regards to where the injuries are – shoulder reco, knee, ankle etc.) and hasn’t really strung together consistent games over a stretch - some may question his mental strength, but too hard to call without knowing in depth re: the level of pain and severity of his injuries


> Capable of showing very good physicality, but would like to see him do so more on a more consistent basis considering his size advantage (may not have the confidence in his body to consistently do so yet?)

> AFL-AIS Grad

> Played 4/5 games at the 2009 U18 Championships but all with limited and sporadic TOG – kicked 5 goals – all vs NSW/ACT in the 1st half of the game (only came on in the 2nd half for a brief period)


2007, 2008 and 2009 TAC Cup Stats


Griffiths is a promising key forward prospect, who despite not being able to get onto the park consistently for the last 2 years, has some very appealing qualities for a key forward. It is hard to rate him with great precision given he hasn’t played a significant amount of footy and isn’t in optimal condition when he does play. I’m not sold he quite has the potential to be in the very top calibre of key forwards, but I think he could be a top 100 AFL player as a best case scenario, which would still be a great result in the range he is expected to go in. I think his value is in the late 1st round to mid 2nd round range, but he could possibly go a bit higher if a club is confident they can improve his condition significantly.

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