Ryan Bastinac (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country) – Draft Profile

Height: 184cm

Weight: 77kg

Preferred foot: Right

Role: Midfield/Wing

Potential: 7.5-8/10

Video Footage


> Elite running capacity – top 5% at DC for both beep and 3km

> Good ball winning ability - averaged 19.8dpg (33%CP) at the 2009 U18 Championships and at 22.3dpg 2009 TAC Cup

> Very good game sense, awareness, smarts and play reading ability both inside and outside traffic (inc at stoppages)

> Excellent evasive ability including in traffic – has plenty of slipperiness about him and consistently seems to find space and time

> Good (dual sided) ball user by foot, particularly over short-medium distance –accuracy and weighting are both very good, perhaps lacks that bit of extra penetration to make him more damaging (but may come with added strength) – very good user by hand too with quick release and surprisingly good power and hurt factor

> Very clean and reliable handling

> Very good vision and decision making skills with the ball both in and out of traffic – super composed, has a lot of time with the football - possesses very good vision in traffic and is well adept and releasing players into space


> Thin through the body and lacks strength and power in his game

> Doesn’t seem to have much pace off the mark (although I think he should see decent-good improvements with added strength) – it doesn’t stand out as a weakness in his games given his anticipation and reading of the play is well ahead of most

> He tends to play a forward of the ball style which affects his accountability and he doesn’t seem to offer much defensive or tackling pressure either


> Decent consistency game by game (not up with the best), but is prone to drifting in and out of games

> Decent OH marking ability for his size

> Didn’t show it during the U18 Championships with 1g4b from 5 games, but at TAC Cup level has shown good goal kicking ability with 18g18b from 15 games in 2009 and 20g14b from 22 games

> 2009 TAC Cup TOTY Wing


2007, 2008 and 2009 TAC Cup Stats

2009 U18 Championships Stats


Bastinac is a good midfield prospect – although his production/impact isn’t up with the best midfielders, he has some appealing qualities for AFL (particularly his skills, disposal/DM and endurance) and there is plenty of class in the way he plays his football. If he bulks up OK it's hard not to find a spot for someone with his skillset and he should be a fairly regular fixture - at best he could develop into a player of top 100 AFL calibre - I see his value as a late first round to early 2nd round selection.

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