Ryan Harwood (Tasmania) – Draft Profile

Height: 183cm

Weight: 81kg

Preferred foot: Right

Role: Midfield/HFF

Potential: 6-7.5/10

Style: shorter Jobe Watson


> Sharp evasiveness and balance in close – movement through traffic is very good-excellent

> Very good-excellent ability to read stoppages – natural 1st dibs midfielder

> Very good lateral vision and decision making in traffic – clean, quick, powerful and damaging feeder by hand – capable of releasing runners very effectively

> Good strength levels and hard at the footy

> Offers good tackling pressure and effectiveness at stoppages – hard hitting tackler


> Doesn’t have much of an outside game– kicking tends to be high trajectory and provides little hurt factor (conservative decision making by foot – mostly a sideways ball mover and short chipper, when he moves it forward he rarely does it well) and doesn’t have much ball carrying ability or potential

> Lacks versatility – midfield is the only position I think he is capable of playing


> Can produce a good short burst of pace, but lacks pace over distance and ball carrying ability

> Fairly consistent performer game to game and within games, but not a high level

> Serviceable RF kick over short range, but lacks penetration because of this plus decision making he has little hurt factor

> Capable overhead mark – seems to play a bit taller than height?

> Played in 2 U18 championships series (2008 and 2009)

> Has senior level experience in the TSFL behind him

> AIS-AFL graduate


Harwood is a midfield prospect that has good-very good ability inside traffic – however he will need to improve his outside game a fair bit to develop into an effective player at AFL. I think at worst he should be good back up as a depth/emergency player, at best he could be a solid foot soldier for his team through the midfield. I see his value as a 3rd rounder.

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