James Craig (North Adelaide/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 195cm

Weight: 92kg

Position: undersized ruck/FB

Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Very good-excellent vertical leap- uses it very well in ruck stoppages and capable of taking speccies

> Very good ruck technician – wins the large majority of hitouts, good awareness and understanding with the SA U18 midfielders and consistently finds them with his taps – took on and beat all comers at the U18 Championships (including Vardy), however may not have any relevance at AFL given he is undersized for ruck (not writing him off though)

> Physically strong and likes to take on players with don’t argues - plays with good aggression and intensity

> Good defensive ethic for a tall

> Decent-good mobility, competitive and clean hands at ground level – clean effective feeding ability too


> Low running capacity and doesn’t find much of the ball around the ground

> Undersized for his current preferred position at AFL


> Decent-good pace off the mark for his size, however doesn’t seem to have great lateral movement

> Plays as an undersized ruck at present, but I think FB or CHB could suit him if he has the smarts to develop into a defensive role

> Seems to be a decent kick for his height and capable of getting very good depth

> 2009 AA U18 Ruck


Craig is an interesting prospect – if he was more than an inch or more taller he’d be a very good ruck prospect, but as it is he is a good, but undersized ruck prospect that could potentially develop into a decent key defender. At worst he should be at least a serviceable back up/emergency player, whilst at best he could be either a very solid team player as a gorilla key defender or a high leaping 2nd ruck. He could go anywhere from a mid 2nd round to a late in the draft.

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