Jordan Gysberts (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) – Draft Profile

Height: 189cm

Weight: 82kg

Preferred Foot: Right

Role: Midfield/HFF/HBF

Potential: 6-7.5/10

Video Footage


> Good height for a midfielder

> Good core strength – stands up in tackles, rarely loses his feet

> Effective and strong tackler that offers good pressure in close

> Decent-good RF kick – decent-good weighting and accuracy, capable of good depth – doesn’t seem to have much of a left foot

> Decent-good ball winner – can win both contested and uncontested footy – seems to be a better reader outside of traffic than inside (more reactive inside and not a strong or consistent first hands on the ball winner at stoppages)

> Drifts forward effectively – averaged 1.2gpg at 2009 U18 Championships, 0.8gpg at 2009 TAC Cup, 1gpg at 2008 TAC Cup – capable of kicking good running goals around the 50m mark

> Presents well on the lead as a forward


> Doesn’t offer much defensive work ethic outside of contests – doesn’t show much accountability and no run down tackle ability

> Reasonable at best, but IMO slightly below average decision making with the ball – whilst he is capable of showing good vision in traffic with his hands he is somewhat slow (doesn’t seem to have consistently sharp reflexes?) and is prone to being caught with the football, by foot he seems hesitant and makes too many dicey decisions and not enough good or damaging ones in comparison


> OK-decent pace off the mark, over distance and lateral movement – seems to have an OK running capacity

> OK-decent user by hand – but occasionally struggles for power and sort of pushes it out

> Reasonable ball handling

> He can play inside and out, but seems OK at both rather than having a strong ability at one or both

> Slim build, but should develop into a decent AFL build

> To me he seems a jack of all trades, master of none type utility

> Chance for some games in 2010 – has played in 2 U18 championships and has 3 seasons of TAC Cup behind him – likely to play off HFF and possibly move into the midfield once he has the build

> Played in 2 U18 championships (2008 and 2009) – was good in a few games as as a BA in 2008 and reasonable in 2009, thought not quite enough to stamp himself as a 1st round pick IMO

> 2008 TAC Cup TOTY I/C

> AIS-AFL squad member


2009 U18 Championships Stats

2007, 2008 and 2009 TAC Cup Stats


Gysberts is a solid midfield utility prospect with a rounded game. At worst he should at least be solid back up/emergency player, at best he could be a serviceable ‘supporting cast’ midfield utility type. It seems he will go late 1st to mid 2nd round.

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