WAFL Round 18 Wrap

Peel vs East Perth

East Perth

Mitch Duncan

Stats: 8K 8H 5M 5T 1I50 1FF

Duncan started of Q1 on the bench coming on around the 10 minute mark to still manage a healthy 6 disposals (3/3), 1 mark, 2 tackles and 1 goal (after winning a HTB free kick in the left FP boundary line and very neatly cutting in to improve the angle slightly and curling it through).

He started in the midfield in the 2nd but was quieter with 2 disposals (1/1), 2 marks, 2 tackles, but also 1.0 (after dropping inside 50 effectively ahead of his opponent and taking an uncontested mark with an accurate shot from the right HFF 49m out).

He was opposed to Wilson on the HFF (3rd) and wing (4th) in the 2nd half and had a further 4 disposals (1/3) and 1 mark in the 3rd and finished the game with another 4 disposals (2/2) 1 mark, 1 tackle, 1i50 and 1.0 (the goal of the day - after receiving a handball on the run on the left wing breaking away and maintaining his gap from a chasing Wilson and pressure from another cooly slotting it through from just inside 50m).

Overall it was a very good game from Duncan in a comfortable win for his side. He showed he is capable of kicking multiple goals play in the midfield or off a wing and can also produce a decent burst of pace when needed. Although he had 5 tackles I still feel as though he could’ve been stronger with some of his defensive efforts.


Mark Hutchings

Stats: 6K 5H 3M 2T 2I50

Hutchings started the first quarter on a wing and picked up 2 disposals (0/2) and 1 mark.

He played off HF in the 2nd and had a further 2 disposals (2/0), 1 tackle and kicked 0.1

In the 3rd he moved back onto a wing and had his best quarter for the day with 6 disposals (4/2), 2 marks and 1i50 and was an important part of one of EP goals with sharp lateral vision and a cleverly adjusted pass on his left off balance to centre the ball inside to a teammates who set up the goal.

He had only the 1 handball and tackle in the last.

Overall it was a quiet game from him, but my impression was he never really got an extended opportunity to be involved in the game (excluding the 3rd). I think this has happened to him a few times at league level this season.



Anthony Morabito

Stats: 7K 6H 4M 4T 1I50 1FF 5FA

Morabito started the game at HF, then was moved into the middle and onto a wing after. He had only the 2 disposals in the first quarter (1/1) and 1 mark.

In the 2nd quarter he had a further 3 handballs, 1 tackle and 3FA, playing quite deep I50 on Oliver and was beaten quite convincingly.

He looked to be opposed to Stratton in the 3rd in a highish HF role and had only the 2 disposals (1/1), 1 mark, 1 tackle and 1FA.

In the 4th he moved onto a wing and got more involved in the game with 6 disposals (5/1), 2 marks, 2 tackles, 1i50, 1FF and 1FA.
Overall it was a disappointing game fro Morabito - both his output and impact was way down from what he’s usually produced at WAFL level (TBF he was coming back from a hamstring strain?) – he looked somewhat disinterested at times quite a few of his efforts were sloppy and weak and he played with noticeably less intensity. In the 4th it was apparent he pulled up short after one effort and was grimacing behind play clutching his leg, but he finished off the game with a few more kicks.


Blayne Wilson

Stats: 7K 8H 4M 2T 2I50 1FF

He was matched up on Seal in defence in the first who clearly got the better off him – he had 5 disposals (2/3), 1 mark and 1FF, but Seal kicked 3 1st quarter goals and at least a couple of them on Wilson (mind you the delivery was generally very good).

He only had the 1 handball and tackle for the 2nd.

He was opposed to Duncan in the 2nd half playing off half back in the 3rd and a wing in the last. He had 5 disposals (2/3), 1 mark and 1 tackle in the 3rd and 4 disposals (3/1), 2 marks and 2 I50 in the last including a goal assist.

Overall it was a decent performance – whilst not a lot genuinely grabs you about his game, he is a very composed and reliable ball user and works hard.


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