Lewis Jetta (Swan Districts/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 181cm

Weight: 69kg

Preferred foot: Right

Role: Wing/HFF/HBF

Potential: 8-8.5/10

Style-like: Andrew Lovett


> Explosive acceleration/pace both off the mark and over distance – smooth fluid mover that can operate multiple gears

> Excellent evasive skills

> Versatile and highly skilled kick – very good control - adept at passing accurately short and low and is capable of adjusting his kicks at the last moment – can get decent penetration and distance on the run upto 55m (albeit quite high trajectory – probably because of his lack of strength?)

> Excellent vision, quick thinking and all-round decision making skills by hand and foot inc. under pressure

> Very good-excellent game sense and impact - smart reader of the play that will consistently gets into damaging positions forward of the centre to receive the ball

> X-factor and ability to do the freakish

> Big game player and proven match winner/game breaker at state league and interstate level

> Offers good chasing pressure in general play (mostly perceived pressure as he doesn’t have the strength or technique to consistently stick tackles)


> Thin through the body ATM and lacks strength, but good scope to improve considering he would’ve barely done any weights work previously

> Poor tackling skills – reaches with the arms too much and doesn’t use/commit enough of the body

> Man on man accountability – when matched up man-on-man to a decent or better opponent he has tended to leak too much the other way (vs SF late and vs Subiaco PF) – TBF to him he has been exposed to greater quality of opponents than most – as mentioned his defensive chasing pressure when the ball is with the opposition is typically good, which is probably of more value at AFL than man to man accountability with current tactics.


> OK-decent ball winning ability – mostly mid teens – very good at winning loose football and receiving (as mentioned slim to nil HBG) - rarely gets 20d or more, but this is mostly due to spending a lot of time at HFF – in the games where he has played primarily off a wing he has generally got 20+ disposals - doesn’t get many/any cheap possessions – always looking to impact

> Decent-good consistency game to game, does drift in and out of games a bit due to both his style of play and playing across HFF (although when he plays wing he is much more consistent) – in his lower disposal games when he does bob up he will invariably impact (so you will always get something from his poorer games)

> Played SWFL for Bunbury

> Played colts in 2007 (part of premiership winning team) and 5-6 games at reserves level for SD in 2008 (both years commuting from Bunbury – travelling down for training twice a week and games), before returning to Bridgetown to play out the year (just before he was named at league level – travel got too difficult) – family reluctant to let him live in Perth without off-field support (in 2009 Swan Districts bought a house close to the club and hired a house parent so that Lewis, brother Graham and a few other indigenous players could stay in Perth without having to commute back an forth)

> Debuted at League in R1 2009

> Although a few have mentioned he seems a shy on the surface, he has plenty of self belief/confidence - described by Scott Watters (2009 WA state squad coach) as having “innocent confidence”

> Played in the WCE 2009 intraclub pre-season game at Subiaco Oval – kicked 2 goals playing on Wirrpanda IIRC? and was amongst the standout players IMO (easily the best of the non-Eagles IMO and better than many Eagles)

> 2009 WA state team – (didn’t win Simpson medal vs SANFL – but was widely regarded as the BOG by many at the game)

> While he is skinny his league and state game form would suggest he should be playing at the next level to accelerate his development – certainly has the footballing and athletic ability to come in and impact in 2010 and a contender for the rising star IMO


2009 WAFL League Stats


Jetta has plenty of talent as a footballer, has already demonstrated the ability to be a big game performer and a match winner off a wing or flank on several occasions at state league and interstate level in only his first season of league football with an underdeveloped body – he has also shown he can make AFL level players look ordinary (albeit only at WCE in a first up intra club game) – few if any can stake claim to performing at such a high level in this year’s crop. Whilst he is 20 years old –I am of the belief he has as much relative upside as most U18s considering he has spent quite minimal time in the system (in his previous experience he was also commuting from Bunbury – i.e. not training with the club and possibly even playing 2 games per week?) and is still physically underdeveloped (moreso than most of the U18s). He should at least be a very good player that can turn some games, at best he could be an elite match winning wingman. Seems likely to go mid to late first round.

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