Daniel Archer (Tasmania) - Draft Profile

Height: 193cm

Weight: 98kg

Position: CHF/CHB

Style Like: Cam Mooney?


> Strong all round athleticism - very good leap, good pace, good lateral movement and decent engine (thought it might be better than he showed at SS as he seems to cover the ground very well during games)

> Strong OH grab and effective spoiler with good aerial presence – attacks the ball well, clean hands, seems to have good reach and uses his leap very effectively to take the ball at the top of it’s flight

> Plays with good enthusiasm, intensity and all-round work-rate – presents well as a marking target all day

> Versatile – can play back or for and even pinch hit in the ruck if required


> Slow DM/poor awareness and is prone to getting run down from behind in general play

> Kicking is unreliable


> OK play reading ability at best, but definitely more athlete than footballer – 13dpg at U18 level

> Thumping RF kick that can get good depth – decent for a KPP, however needs to improve control and reliability – he has been said to be a poor set shot but looked OK in the games I’ve seen

> Played in 2 U18 Championships series and also has senior experience at TSFL


I like Archer as a raw project KPP selection in the 3rd round and beyond – he has some good big man attributes to work with.

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