WAFL Wrap: Round 19

Claremont vs Swan Districts


Travis Colyer

Stats: 9K 7H 3M 1T 6I50 1FF 1FA 0.1

Colyer started the first quarter on the bench in his 3rd game of league football, moving onto a wing opposed to Wolfenden and then into the midfield. He was quite busy in his time on the ground with 6 disposals (3/3) 1 tackle and 2I50s.

He added a further 5 disposals (3/2), 1 mark and 3I50s along with 0.1 (marked an opposition kick in and played on quickly running I50 and taking a shot from 40m which was offline) in the 2nd playing off flank and then moving into the midfield.

In the third he again had 5 disposals (3/2) including 2 marks, 1I50, 1FA and created a goal (involved in the scoring chain) where he won a loose ball in some traffic tapping it out in front of him then controlling it on the run and bursting away at pace from his opponent with multiple bounces and a handball OTT once I50 to a teammate who assisted the goal with another looping handball.

He didn’t participate in the last quarter as he was sidelined with an ankle injury.

He showed his explosive pace (highlighted in bold on 2 occassions one in the 2nd and one in the 3rd), outstanding evasive ability, good all-round ballwinning skills, strength through the hips to stand up in tackles, however his effectiveness by foot was a bit down today.

Overall it was a good performance in only his 3rd game in a team that was beaten badly all day.


Joel Coyne

Stats: 5K 4H 3M 1T 1FF 1FA

In his league debut he had the tough assignment of being opposed to Lewis Jetta all day on a wing.

He started off quietly with only 1 kick, 1 mark and 1 tackle and added another 2 handballs in the second quarter, 3 kicks and a mark in the 3rd and 3 disposals (1/2) and 1 mark in the last.

Whilst there were some slight glimpses, he looked out of his depth for most of the game, however should certainly be able to take something away from the experience of how big the step up is from colts to league football.


Swan Districts

Lewis Jetta

Stats: 14K 10H 8M 3T 7I50 1FF 1.0

Jetta played on the wing all day opposed to Coyne.

He started off the 1st quarter strongly with 6 disposals (4/2), 1 mark, 1 tackle, 2i50s and 1 goal (receiving the ball on the run sidestepping Colyer and kicking accurately with ease from 40-45m.

His 2nd quarter was a little quieter with 5 disposals (3/2), 2 marks and 1I50 and 1GA after he gathered a loose ball outside the ruck contest and weighted a pass effectively to Gaepen I50.

He had a further 5 disposals (3/2), 2 marks, 1 tackle and 1I50 in the 3rd and finished off very well in the last to have 8 disposals (4/4) 3 marks, 1 tackle, 3I50 and 1 goal assist after marking on the wing, then cutting explosively through the middle of the ground and looping a HB OTT to a free Notte who finished off easily.

Overall it was another excellent game from Jetta – all his much celebrated attributes were on display and he barely put a foot wrong, but one thing that stood out from today’s performance is that he can run out a game off a wing and be a prolific possession winner (normally he produces sub 20 disposal games because he has spending quite a bit of time at half forward).


Clint Garlett

Stats: 9K 7H 4M 3T 4I50 0.2

Garlett started on the bench and came on midway through the first to finish with 2 disposals (1/1) and 0.1 at the end of the ¼.

He was given more opportunity in the 2nd quarter starting on a wing and then moving into the midfield and his output improved with a further 5 disposals (2/3), 1 mark, 1 tackle and 1i50 including a goal assist where he unselfishly layed off a pass to an open Notte after receiving a HB running i50.

He was quiet in the 3rd with only 2 disposals (1/1), 1 mark, 2 tackles and 0.1, but also assisted a goal after winning 1st possession from a stoppage and showing excellent vision to release a teammate into space with a handball who duly finished off.

His last was his most prolific quarter for the game with an extended stint in the midfield and 7 disposals (5/2), 2 marks, 3i50 and another GA after receiving a backwards pass on the HFF and passing short effectively to a leading Hansen i50.

Overall it was good a game from Garlett in his 2nd game of league football and the best I’ve seen him play this year at a decent level (despite not receiving great opportunity, he was quite uninspiring at U18 championships level IMO) – whilst he does struggle with a lack of zip at times and fitness to play a full game through the midifield at the higher levels, he showed good smarts around the contest, clean hands, very good vision to bring others into the play and had a genuine impact on the scoreboard with his possessions including 3 goal assists and 2 scoring shots.


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