Will Young (North Ballarat Rebels/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 191.6cm
Weight: 83.2kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Inside leading workhorse KPF/3rd tall forward
Potential: 5.5-7/10


> Hits the contest with hardness and puts his head over the footy
> Good top end speed, but average off the mark
> Good ethic – applies some defensive pressure and assists in 1%ers
> Strong base – good lower body and core strength – holds his ground very well in marking contests
> Courageous – backs into packs to take the mark dropping in front
> Clean ball handling below the knees
> Generally one grab mark – uncontested or contested


> Endurance below average – high 12s beep test
> Leans back on his set shots too much – doesn’t kick through the ball/transfer enough momentum or power through his shots
> Poor kick – scrubbers them often and lacks radar, power, penetration and hurt factor – too much hang time


> Borderline KPP height
> Reach disadvantage for his height


Young is workhorse CHF (or possibly CHB) material at best, but for him to reach that level he must improve his engine and footskills in particular to appropriate levels. I wouldn’t be willing to draft him with a pick in the ND, but I think drafting him in the rookie draft would be a fair price to pay.

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