Nick Heyne (Gippsland Power/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 188.2cm
Weight: 79.1kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: outside/predator running and marking wingman/high HFF/3rd tall forward
Potential: 6-8/10


> Explosive power athlete – excellent pace and vertical jump
> Good penetration on left foot kicks – damaging when in space
> Strong overhead mark
> X-factor – can take spectacular grabs, kick scissor kick goals
> High hurt factor / impact player
> Good ball control and clean hands below the knees


> Very outside – no vision, questionable DM and poor composure - blindly bombs away under pressure – doesn’t use the handball enough
> One sided – no right foot
> Below average endurance – low 13s beep and mid 11s 3km
> Plays forward off the ball too much – doesn’t push back
> Goes missing for long periods and doesn’t win enough of the footy – lacks footy smarts? and reactionary playing style


> Unusual kicking technique – closed off action but manages to get good power and distance into his kicks


With Heyne you’re buying someone that has genuine X and hurt factor and exciting match winning attributes, but is inconsistent throughout a game and over a season, poor under contested pressure (AFL is becoming more and more uncontested which will be of assistance to him) and a real chance of being a complete bust. There is quite significant upside but a lot of flaws that need ironing out. A mid to late 2nd rounder would be the earliest I’d be willing to at least consider taking such a risk.

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