Tyson Slattery (West Adelaide/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 189.3cm

Weight: 80.1kg

Style: Bulldozer running medium HBF/utility

Preferred Foot: Right

Potential: 5.5-6.5/10


> Excellent engine – mid to low 14s beep test and mid to high 10s 3km

> Strong and desperate attack on the footy– crunches packs and loves to throw his body around – courageous will go back with the flight off the ball

> Hard hitting tackler

> Strong body


> Straight ahead/tunnel vision player – lacks vision and awareness

> So-so disposal – can kick long, but has poor control over weighting – DM isn’t great either (see above)

> Lacks mobility

> Lacks pace off the mark and evasiveness – 2nd to the ball alot – skinfolds are very good so not much scope to improve?

> Doesn’t find enough of the footy

> What role? Doesn’t seem to have any one position that suits him


> Has a big running VJ – haven’t seen it evident on-field

> Significant reach advantage for his height


I see very little upside with Slattery – very much an old fashioned player in that he lacks athleticism and plays in straight lines but hits the ball and man hard without offering much else. I can’t see him being more than a squad player.

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