Campbell Heath (Gippsland Power/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 187.2cm
Weight: 75.25kg
Preferred foot: Left
Role: Medium playmaking HBF
Potential: 5-7.5/10


> Very agile – incredibly light feet – floats across the ground
> Sharp vision and quick hands under pressure – lacks power though
> Very good kick on his left in space – accurate, good weighting and penetration (kicks lack power though)
> Excellent ball control
> Good all-round DM
> AFL size HBF – 187cm (still growing?)
> Decent vertical leap


> Skinny
> Doesn’t win much of the footy and goes quiet for long periods - introverted on-field persona – only averaged 11 possessions at TAC Cup level
> Doesn’t take many grabs – weak aerially?
> One-sided – never seen him use his right
> Plays very outside – happy to receive but not proactive at getting his own footy
> Lacks a natural intensity and power about his game


> Acceptable pace and engine (low 13s beep and SS times suggest a little slow of the mark but very good top speed)


Heath is a silky smooth player and easy on the eye to watch play. He has some handy attributes to develop into a creative AFL HBF, but his lack of natural intensity and power and consistent ball winning ability worry me too much to consider him as a bottom ager. He’s one who could be a rapid improver if that side of his game improves with natural physical maturity over the next year and strength training.

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