Mitch Robinson (Tasmania) - Draft Profile

Height: 184.7cm
Weight: 79.1kg
Role: Inside/Outside running wingman/midfielder
Preferred foot: Right/Dual sided
Potential: 7.5-8/10


> Incredible work-rate, competitive streak, energy level and intensity – works both ways with tremendous persistence – plays both inside and outside – tenacious attack on the footy - seems to be everywhere - didn’t test but I’m guessing he has a massive engine (running machine)
> Creative and instinctive – always wants the ball in his hands and is proactive – quick thinker, tries to make things happen – has the ability to steal the footy from opponents - if in tight spaces will put it upon himself to create room and make space linking up and running to do so
> Quick reaction time – always on the move – sharks taps at stoppages and can be a consistent 1st possession winner
> Clean hands off the deck
> Quick and sound user by hand
> Moves well laterally and is a slippery character to get hold of by tacklers
> Good height for a midfielder – looks and plays taller than listed height – above average aerial ability for his height
> Penetrating RF, keeps the ball low trajectory and has the ability to use both feet – unconventional/awkward looking kicking action weights his short passes particularly well and regularly uses to the advantage of team mates
> Good vertical leap
> Generally a very effective and aggressive tackler – slams opponents into the turf when he locks on (occasionally exposed for strength)
> Excellent 2008 form – highly credentialed - Hunter Harrison medallist, leading possession winner at the U18 championships, AA U18, Tasmania U18 MVP and very good form at VFL level for Tasmania


> Lacks strength and his balance is below average
> Lacks pace off the mark – but covers it somewhat with his reaction time and perpetual motion playing style – should have good scope to improve if he improves strength
> Lacks poise and can often be frenetic with both DM and disposal at time – plays like he’s in a hurry – often blazes away but has more time than he thinks


> 19 years old, hasn’t been through the system - played SANFL U17s at West Adelaide – premiership winning team with Hartlett, but this was his first National and U18 championships series
> Has the versatility to play off a flank (forward or back)
> Plays a short game – scope to improve hurt factor by going long more often
> Has a bit of FIGJAM – likes to be the centre of attention – how will he go when he’s first introduced into an AFL environment where he won’t be?


Robinson presents as a low risk prospect that has a wide range of draftable attributes, plenty of runs on the board at U18 and VFL level in 2008 and won’t die wondering. He’s 19 and doesn’t seem to have much improvement left in him compared to others (other than improving his strength levels) but then again why would he need to if he translates his 2008 form to AFL in future years. I feel his value is somewhere between late first round and mid 2nd round.

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