Tom Lynch (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 191.7cm
Weight: 85.2kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Inside leading 3rd tall/flanker

Potential: 7-8/10


> Weights short passes quite well and is generally a good kick to leading forwards

> Uses his body very well – very strong, well balanced, holds his ground well and loves to throw around his weight, crash packs, out wrestle opponents and bustle his way through tackles

> Hard hitting tackler – when he latches on the ball carrier will feel the effect when he thunders into the turf

> Outstanding ethic – chasing, multiple efforts – and intensity – just wants the ball in his hands more than others – highly determined/driven – has a real physical presence on the football field

> Very good positioning - intelligent footballer

> Clean at ground level

> Very self confident loves to take on players

> RF pass well weighted into space for him to lead on

> Excellent engine – low 14 beep test - presents across HF throughout the game

> Good vision in traffic, quickness and power by hand – keeps the ball moving quickly and can be creative


> Can be selfish at times (particularly in goal scoring positions) likes to do it all himself and will rarely consider giving it off – could disenchant a few teammates

> Lacks athleticism – only average pace and agility

> Reach disadvantage for his height, but vertical leap is above average – seems to play a bit shorter than he’s listed

Other Comments

> Sound overhead grabber – but doesn’t have above average aerial presence which he’d need if he wanted to play KP at AFL

> Average footskills – solid-good short range, struggles to maintain control over long distances, DM can be risky at times


Very safe prospect that would be good value for the 2nd round. No star potential but unlikely to fail given his intensity and hunger. Unlikely to play 1st or 2nd choice KPP due to size, I see him being a handy medium utility that can play back midfield or forward – his best position being 3rd tall forward/lead up forward flanker.

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