Jordan Jones (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 189.4cm
Weight: 85.7kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Inside medium 3rd tall defender

Potential: 6.5-7.5/10


> Very good ethic – team player, very competitive/good intensity/2nd efforts and highly accountable – tries his guts out

> Strong attack on the footy – hurls himself at the footy at times

> Strong aerially - excellent spoiler

> Strong bodied – very good core strength, strong over the footy, rarely pushed off his line

> Hard running – frequent provides as an option running it out of defence

> Courageous – backs into traffic and wears hits

> Well built and uses his body well in contests

> Good engine

> Very good vertical leap


> Slowish pace off the mark – but over 20m is average – get’s quicker over distance

> Big turning circle – often looses footing when turning sharply

> Likes to crash his was through tackles and take on players but doesn’t really possess the athletic qualities to do so

> Lacks hurt factor – goes short and low risk a lot

Other Comments

> Susceptible to injuries – plays a bash and crash style – shoulder injury vs SA?

> Average by both foot and hand, however conservative and doesn’t take big risks – because of this doesn’t standout

> Represented Victoria in basketball and football national championships in the same week as a 15-year-old


Has played as a key defender at junior level, but shapes as a solid, dependable medium defender at best. At worst a squad player that will put pressure on the best XXII to keep performing such is his work ethic. I think he’s a worth a late pick in the national draft to early rookie.

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