Luke Shuey (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 183.5cm

Weight: 87.6kg
Preferred foot: Right/dual sided
Playing Style: Inside midfielder

Potential: 8-8.5/10


> Reads the stoppages well –reacts quickly, good at getting first hand on it – gets front and centre and regularly put himself in the best position to rove

> Ethic is impressive – 100% team player (others will shine because of his hard yakka) – asked by coach to play on Rich in WA vs VM and nullified him (kept him to 5d for the half – most in junk time), works both ways consistently, provides multiple efforts, 1%ers and always looks to be thinking about his game

> All-round athleticism – very good engine as evidenced by his ability to run out games in the midfield, good agility as evidenced by his quick movements in traffic and surprisingly good pace

> Very effective tackler – rarely get past him - good defensive agility

> Fine handballing skills – quick, good reflexes and vision in traffic – distributes well to runners adv consistently

> High possession winner

> Strong and well developed bodywise – AFL ready in his first season

> Dual sided – comfortable using either side of the body proficiently (e.g. LF snap goal vs Vic Country looked very natural)

> Mr consistent – just keeps producing the goods week in week out – possibly the most consistent player in this draft – 2008 VM U18 MVP

> Can kick goals through the midfield

> Very solidly built


> Doesn’t use his speed/agility enough as – good scope to develop that side of his game and make him an inside/outside midfielder rather than just an inside midfielder which he is now

> Not as routinely clean below the knees as you'd like for an inside midfielder - Is prone to fumbling

> Slightly inconsistent kick – below average kicking efficiency, however natural technique (as evidenced by being dual sided, DM questionable at times, - lacks penetration beyond 50m – uses it by hand much more than by foot (low K/H ratio), but I think his kicking has scope to at least move into the average category - also must remember many of his possessions come under pressure (very high contested possession winning rate)

> Plays shorter than his height suggests –very little aerial presence - although DC results suggest he’s at a reach advantage for his height and his vertical leap is above average though which contradicts.


Shuey has all the tools to make it at the next level and is one of the safer prospects. He’s a very good chance to be the leader and rock of his side’s midfield. I think his value is a mid to late first rounder – very difficult to get high quality inside midfielders with picks beyond the first round and when you do get one they’re of tremendous value to the team, especially in finals football (though I expect him to go later than that on draft day as most will see others with more upside).

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