Ryan Schoenmakers (Norwood/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 193.4cm
Weight: 83.7kg
Preferred foot: Left foot/Dual Sided
Style: Outside leading HFF/loose HBF
Potential: 6.5-8/10


> Excellent disposal – economical kicing action, accurate/weights kicks well and good penetration (50m+) capable on RF too – good by hand too when given the opportunity
> Excellent vision and very good DM skills
> Attractive size
> Well balanced


> Laconic playing style - lacks physical intensity/presence of a KPP – will it improve when he adds more size?
> Doesn’t win enough of the footy, involve himself or influence games enough – has the all the attributes to but doesn’t use it all enough - style over substance
> Not very mobile beneath the knees – poor recovery


> DC showed he has the full athletic package – 2.90s 20m speed, the best repeat sprint time, 69cm standing VJ and 92cm running VJ, high 13 beep test and low 11 minute 3km – however I wouldn’t have known from watching him play (doesn’t use it on-field) – testing specialist
> Reach disadvantage for his height
> Provides a contest aerially, but wouldn’t call his OH marking a strength – doesn’t bring down the contested grabs often enough


I think Schoenmakers is well suited to a lead-up HFF or a loose HBF role, but I wouldn’t be drafting him with the hope of him being a KPP. Like quite a few others, he’s one that has all the tools to be a very good player, but has yet to show me he can put it all together and I’m not overly confident he can.

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