Riley Milne (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 193.3cm
Weight: 78.2kg
Preferred foot: Left/Dual Sided
Playing Style: Inside/Outside 3rd tall defender

Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Clean hands and very good ball control (occasionally freakish)

> Reach advantage for height

> Good pace off the mark and slippery and evasive

> Provides a good quantity of drive and rebound from defence

> Good handball skills – quick reflexes, powerful, sharp and notably good vision in traffic – handy around stoppages in the backline – seems well positioned to read the taps too (I’m guessing he has a basketball background?)

> Solid spoiler

> Takes good grabs dropping back with the flight or providing relief in defence

> Dual Sided footskills


> Skinny and weak – doesn’t look to have the frame that will bulk up easily – unlikely to ever have the body to compete with key power forwards

> While he’s dual sided his passing by foot is poor - not reliable or consistently accurate/weighted well to his teammates and his kicking DM isn’t consistent either

> Lacks physical intensity in his playing style


> Solid mid 13 beep test

> Seems to have decent balance for such a skinny rangey kid – rarely looses his feet


Milne is unlikely to ever become more than a 3rd tall defender if he plays in defence (like Will Schofield he has the height but lacks the body size and physical intensity), however he could be very handy as an inside midfielder – I see a good amount of scope to develop him in this area with his ball control, handball skills in traffic and agility and pace off the mark – he’ll need to keep improving his engine and improve his footskills. Worth investing in with a late pick or preferably a rookie.

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